Gator Waders Hip Boots- Brown

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Built to perform under the harshest of conditions, Gator Waders Hip Boots are a non-insulated, breathable, waterproof, do-it-all hip boot, featuring adjustable belt loop straps with a buckle, fully taped seams, removable shoe bed for added comfort, and grommets to release built-up air. The Hip Boots feature the same boot we use on our top-selling Shield Waders with reinforced exterior rubber and aggressive tread. Perfect for those warmer days or in shallow water when full waders aren't needed.

* Adjustable belt loop straps with buckle
* Waterproof, breathable outer shell
* Fully taped seams
* Abrasion resistant
* Reinforced exterior rubber boots with aggressive tread
* Removable shoe bed for added comfort
* Grommets to release built-up air

Size Chart:            SHOE SIZE        HIP BOOT SIZE
                                  8-9.5                      8

                               10-11.5                    10

                               12-13.5                    12

                               14-14.5                    14